Google Duplex – World’s Most Advance AI

Google Duplex – World’s Most Advance AI

Recently, the CEO of Google named as Sundar Pichai has made a host of announcements in its annual IO conference, 2018. Among all the features demonstrated there, the advance feature that took everyone’s concentration is-Google duplex. This new technology isn’t as simple as it’s sounds. It’s something more than you could imagine !

Google has imported a new feature called Google duplex as a part of the overhaul Google Assistant. Google duplex enables Google’s machine intelligence-powered virtual assistant to conduct a natural conversation with a human over the cellphone.

It really mock the voice of a person and lets an AI-powered bot make phone calls on your behalf. Crazy enough, right? Infact, it’s sounds like real voice. What’s more awesome is that it uses the words like umm, oh, I gotcha, etc to make it’s sound more human-like.Yet, it could understand even criticle sentences, fast-speech and long remarks. Wait ! it’s features don’t end here. Particularly, someone has no idea that they are talking to a robot, not a human. In spite of ,to relieve you, Google has sure to maintain transparency between the caller and the receiver or sender or receiver.

The Google also communicate a demo where a woman calls for hair dryer in a Spa salon and fix an appointment at the request time and date. I think ,this demo was enough to leave all people open-mouthed by its advance and latest technology.

Google has also published a blog post where it make clear about the human-computer interaction in a better way.
“To get its high precision, we trained Duplex’s RNN on a corpus of anonymized phone conversation data. The network uses the output of Google’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, as well as features from the audio, the history of the conversation, the parameters of the conversation (e.g. the desired service for an appointment, or the current time of day) and more,” said the duo.

All the same, this feature is not available at present. As informed by the CEO of Google, they would initiate this feature in the coming weeks on a beta; but no exact timing  is yet notified. So, keep waiting and watch if this new advanced technology makes a paradigm change, either for better or worse.

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