Google mobile web search is now having voice input and spoken result

Google mobile web search is now having voice input and spoken result

The search giant Google appears to be condition searchers to use voice crossways all platforms. so, as a result, Google mobile web search will be having voice input and voice results also.

According to the latest news, Google now has added a microphone feature to the search field in Android phones to allow mobile web voice search option to its users.

A new mic icon:

The microphone icon within the search box will allow users to search through voice, the main difference is that users will hear search results in Android mobile web searches with simple text results.

This voice results may give confidence people to undertake extra searches while they are busy with stuff like driving. This might be through the Google Assistant response but nobody is sure about it.

Google voice search option is already in the mobile web option:

The search bar on the Android home screen already gives the right to use the Google Assistant voice search option which can be simply activated by the phrase “ok Google”. So Google isn’t offering a brand new useable option on Android phones from

Google is enabling the people to use voice and interact with the Google Assistant and making this experience is just as smooth as talking to an individual.

Why voice search by Google is Important for Google?

According to reports in 2016, about 20 percent of mobile queries were made by voice searches on Google platform. It’s important to differentiate between voice search made on smartphones and from smart speakers devices like Google home or Google Home Mini.

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