How to do SMO (Social Media Optimization)

How to do SMO (Social Media Optimization)

We all know how important is Social Media today. Things we share and promote on social media can make an impact and can spread quickly as compared to other platforms.

A photo can create a huge buzz all over the internet in no time. A YouTube video can make a person celebrity overnight. This is how social media can impact and this is the power of Social Media.

Today a lot of companies are using social media to promote their work and products. So If you are a business owner or a webmaster, and if you do SMO effectively, then you can gain a lot of success in a short span of time at minimum cost.

Sometimes you don’t even need to do SEO to gain traffic over your website. SMO alone can bring that traffic to you if you are using right strategy or techniques.

We will discuss some Social Medias Methods through which you can build your social media presence and increase your website traffic in minimum time and at low cost.

Facebook: If you have a business, then create a business page right now. Facebook is the place through which you can get maximum traffic without SEO and at very low cost. Never place your website links on your Facebook business page without thumbnails.

Always remember a picture serves better than text links. use interactive posts and ask your users to be a part of that post. try to promote your website to users if there is something interesting and useful information of products you can show to your users.

Give some freebies to generate more traffic. post some polls and events on your Facebook Page to engage more with the users and to generate some traffic.

Facebook can generate traffic and make your business into a brand and can directly or indirectly impact your sales.

Flickr: Most of the people generally think of Flickr as just a photo sharing website. But this is not entirely true. It has many communities within so there are a number of different users.

So people can become friends here and can share their photos, post comments and engage with other posts which can directly or indirectly generate traffic.

you can share some photos from your office or a Infographic which can attract the people and generate traffic as people are looking for the information.

Twitter: Create a twitter profile for your website with a short and simple name. short and interesting tweets with proper use of use the # hashtags can make your post spread to a large number of audience.

Interact with your followers’ with @reply in your tweets. there are limited characters to describe what you have got for your followers so make most of it. Placing pictures along with your links can seriously generate you good traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious and Reddit which provide you to place your bookmarks online regardless of browsers for offline can generate traffic on your website.

Other than that you can also post on different forums like Quora and can smartly place your website links to generate traffic by giving relevant information.

SMO can be very useful and impactful if you can use it effectively. We also have the article on How to do SEO on xoompixel you can also check that out.


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