In Google Webmaster New Google Search Console: Is It Better for SEO results in 2019?

In Google Webmaster New Google Search Console: Is It Better for SEO results in 2019?

After being tested for a year, the new edition of Google Search Console is out of beta. Google announced this in recent times on its Webmaster Central blog. Over a span of year, the search engine oversize has invited users’ feedback, and based on them, it has been migrate features from its typical search console.

Google has drop of the word “beta” from the top menu bar, and has group as one some of the features on the left sidebar and added new features and options in the new Google Search Console.

“We are get used to the new search console out of beta With this graduation we are also launching the Manual events report and a “Test Live” ability to the recently launched URL inspection tool, which are joining a stream of reports and features we launch in the new Search Console over the past months,”

The new Search Console is build by developing most actionable insight and creating an interaction model. This new version of the Search Console is future to help find issue that impact the performance of a website and fix them fast. The new version also comes with capability to share reports within an organization in order to simplify internal teamwork.

What New Version Gives You?

Google has always required making its products easily accessible and more helpful to users. And now you can see with its new Search Console that has tools like URL Inspection with “live test” ability, key reports, and performance details that play a great role in Search Engine Optimization.

The new version of Search Console provides:

More Data:

  • The precise view of your website content in the Index Coverage report.
  • Search Analytics data of 16 months in the Performance report.
  • Detail on links point to your site and within your site in the Links report.
  • An option to recover crawling, indexing, and serving information for any URL directly from the Google index

Alerts on issue and fixes required:

Now with new version, you can:

  • Get automatic alerts and find out pages that are by Crawling, Indexing, AMP, Mobile Usability, Recipes, or Job posting issue.
  • Get reports that show the HTML code where a fix seem necessary (if applicable).
  • Share information rapidly with all relevant people in your organization to help fix the issue in no time.
  •  inform Google about fixed issues for  review  and validation

Simplified sitemaps and account settings management:

  • Google know how your website is structured by submitting sitemaps
  • You can also submit individual URLs for indexing

Out of Beta

New Search Console is rebuild from the ground level with basic insights and an interaction model to allow you find the issue and get them fixed quickly. The new account is also packed with the features

Like as ability to share reports within a group, and this helps make simpler the teamwork within an organization.

From search performance, index coverage,  and job posting reports, new Search Console has a flow of features that will have a big impact on the SEO strategy in 2019.

Search Performance:

The previous Search Console provides data of only three months, and this has been a worldwide concern of most marketers. grateful longer terms trends makes keyword analysis easy and more effective. Search work performance  report in the new console is going to be great tool for marketers and SEO services in noida  that want to help out their clients rank for the keywords important to their business.

Index Coverage:

It is the most important features with the new console, index coverage report give you an insight into how the search engine indexes URLs of your website. It provides you details of URLs correctly indexed, or exactly issues about crawling and indexing.

The higher tracking functionality that the console uses to put together report provide you alerts when new issue are found and suggest you the best solution to fix them.


Search Enhancements:

The new Search Console is going to be of a great help for SEO. It has the features that help you with search improvement. The new console is high-quality for job listing sites. The console also helps improve automated mobile pages (AMP).

Manual Actions Report:

The new console aim to make sure you does not miss any vital alerts for your site. Manual actions and security issue are shown on the Overview Page in the webmaster console. The Manual actions have got simple in the new console. You can with no trouble review the details for any pending Manual Action.

URL Inspection

It is live mode and request indexing this tool has been launch a few months ago. But now it has been added with latest feature such as “live mode” that enable you to run the check on the live version of the page. With this, you can debug and fix error in a live page or match whether the reported issues are still there on the web page. If the error are fixed, you can put Google to re crawl and index the page.

To Wind Up

The new Google Search Console which is now out of beta has included tools that work wonders for marketers and are easy to use. But it does still miss out more than a few tools from the old version.  So rather than It is better totally depending on any one version, it is improved to switch between the new and old consoles.


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