Every person might not think of social media marketing as a paid search campaign, but in order to increase your visibility on social media platforms (facebook,twitter,linkedin) paid social media is one of the best way to grow your business on top search engine . Not only are clients spending upwards of 2-3 hours per day on social media platform, almost 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased experience for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased website traffic.
Social media marketing ongoing days is pay-to-play. For example, Facebook’s news algorithm has it so users only see approximately 2% of branded posts in their news feed. Paying for business ads allow you to reach people that you may not have been able to reach purely. Whether you’re just receiving started with social media marketing or you’re looking to fine-tune your obtainable campaign, the PPC (pay per click) specialists at xoompixel (Igreenik Private ltd.)Are ready to help with every feature of your social media campaign management.

Socail Media Management Service are

  • Facebook advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • Instagram advertising

Why use Paid Social Media Advertising?

  • Facebook increase 90% traffic on your business website
  • 80% of Twitter users follow small businesses to get product updates
  • 90% of regulars expect brands to have a social media presence
  • 65% of Twitter users follow small businesses to get product updates
  • YouTube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any line network in the US.
  • 93% of pinners have used Pinterest to plan a next purchase
Social media ads allow you to target selected audiences that may not have seen your post otherwise while also increase brand awareness and product awareness.

Types of Social Media Advertising Platforms

“social media advertising” are different platforms .Each one is different platform, has a different audience, and services different purposes. We can help you track all report about paid social media campaigns, including:

Facebook advertising

Facebook allows for both text, photos and video to be displayed on your paid advertisement for maximum audience engaged. You’re able to target your selected audience based on interests and demographics.

Twitter advertising

Twitter allow you to select the purpose of your campaign, including tweet engagements (retweets, favorites, replies), website clicks, app installs or engagements, followers, or even leads, Twitter allow a more daily budget and maximum cost per action.

Pinterest advertising

We can also help you test ads on more social media platforms like Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

LinkedIn advertising

Social media plays main role in B2B relationships; 70% of brands follow other related businesses on social media. LinkedIn Ads easily engage with these B2B clients. There are only two paying option in LinkedIn Ads—cost per click or cost per mile (cost per 1000 impressions).

YouTube advertising

YouTube is the second biggest search engine and has a better adult audience than any other network. Over 90% of Internet users maintain that video plays a crucial role in purchase decision. On top of that, by 2019, video will increase 70% of global Internet traffic and 80% in the US. Unlike television, you can target your ad only to your selected audience. Moreover, advertising on YouTube is as easy to connecting it to your AdWords account.

Types of social media ads

Within each platform, there are  social ads that work to help meet a specific objective. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all have similar goal:

  • Increase traffic to your business website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Business Lead generation (Facebook,Linkedin and Instagram only)
  • Boost engagement with your web page or posts
  • Increase app installs
  • Build conversions on the social media platform on your website)

Why You Choose Xoompixel Over Other Paid Social Media Advertising Agencies?

  • YOU’LL OPTIMIZE YOUR MARKETING COSTS. You can easily track, measured, and analyzed your social media ads for improvements.
  • YOU GET AN EXPERIENCE ACCOUNT MANAGER to be your support, as well as a support team that includes an analyst, web designer/developer.
  • YOU GET MONTHLY/WEEKLY REPORTS(you can actually understand) that attach social media performance to your bottom line.

Most small business owner can find exact ROI because of lack the time, expertise, and tools .At xoompixel; we provide genuine business leads and exact ROI.

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